Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Clues for Teen Retreat 2009

Last year we had about two months of clues leading up to the revealing of the location of the retreat...this year we will not have that much time. In fact, the location is going to be revealed this Sunday. So instead of giving clues one at a time, I decided to post as many clues as I could at one time so that you could get the answer before Sunday. Remember there is a half price trip riding on this, so the first person to comment on this below with the right answer will win the trip (this means do not call me, or send me an email me, just comment below). I look forward to your answers.

  • In the Midwest
  • There is a Free Will Baptist Church planter in the city (check here)
  • The city is the best known city of its size in the world.
  • The city got its name because of a skirmish between a land surveyor and two Indians
  • The town was originally known as Milton
  • Training Ground for US soldiers in WWI and WWII
  • POW internment camp for Germans during WWII
  • 3rd largest city in its state
  • First city in America to install wheel chair ramps in sidewalks.

That does it, you should be able to get the answer from these clues. Good hunting!!!


Sarah Seewald said...

Battle Creek?

Sarah thinks so.

Seth said...

That's not fair, you got home before I did, I should've had it.

Patrick V. McDaniel said...

Good job Sarah, what ever the final price is, it will be 1/2 for you!!!

Seth said...

When will we be able to see the price?

Patrick V. McDaniel said...

If you look at the most recent post you will find the price.