Monday, April 20, 2009

Teen Retreat/Mission Trip 2009

Battle Creek!!

Below you will find the first few documents you will need for the teen retreat this July 26th - 31st. The documents are due June 7th 2009 (Anniversary Sunday). The total price for the Teen Retreat/Mission Trip will be $150. The first $40 dollars of that amount will be the non-refundable deposit which will be due on June 7th as well (this $40 cannont be raised through the fundraisers). Just like last year we will have multiple fundraisers to help students raise their money throughout May June and July. The final payment will be due on July 19th.

Please utilize this blog for all of your questions. This is a tool to make the process easier for you as well as for the Youth Team. I look forward to hearing from you.


Student Health Form


These documents cannot be returned electronically. I must have originals in order to be fully covered.

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