Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Song from Everclear - Talk about a wake up Call

I just ran into this website while doing my regular blog reading this afternoon. Everclear has a free download of their new song, you can listen to it and read the words at the site below. The song is an indictment against Christians for the choices and stances they make. I found myself agreeing with the song a lot, and I realized that these are the areas where American Evangelicals do not communicate the true meaning of Christianity. Everclear is not a Christian band by any means, but one thing that can clearly be seen in this song is that Everclear is rejecting American Christianity not Jesus. They may have a somewhat naive or even twisted view of Jesus, but Jesus is not the problem for them, I am (Christians are). We need to learn something here, and realize that the world is begging for answers and even open to Jesus, but they are not open to Christianity.

NOTE: This music is not for the faint of heart. There is cussing, and a wholly irreverent attitude. Just a warning, I don't want any comments about how this song is inappropriate.

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