Thursday, July 3, 2008

Teen Retreat!!!

It is nearly time for our Teen Retreat! That means I am incredibly busy. I have been involved in camps all of my life, I have done a lot with missions trips as well: but this is my first retreat to plan. It may sound like I have all the experience necessary, but the difference between being a Youth pastor taking your group to camp and a Youth pastor taking a group on a retreat is the amount of work that is involved. If you go to camp, all you have to do is get your kids there, then have a couple of devotions, or something like that. If you are going to do a retreat, it is all on you!!! I either have to do it all or find someone else to do it. We have a great group of Volunteers going that are helping out a lot, but even with great volunteers you have to have a great leader to get things done. I am still looking for that great leader. I know I am supposed to be that great leader, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way.

So nevertheless, here we are 60 hours from when we leave and I have about 70 hours left of work to do!!! I love teen retreats! The first time is always the best right, or at least the most interesting. I haven't pulled an all nighter since my Junior year of college, but Saturday night may have that in store for me. We will see how it goes. I look forward to giving an update. I am sure it will go well, and I know for sure there will be lots of great stories!!!

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