Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer Outreach

To be honest I am horrible with outreaches. That is horrible to say for a pastor, but what's worse is that I was a missionary as well. So, we are now in the season of Summer Outreach, in fact our first event is tonight. This one is easy because we get to piggy back off of the fireworks at Red Run Country Club across the street. We are expecting around 150 non church members to be on our lawn spending time with family and watching fireworks. It is a great opportunity for us to meet the community, get to know them, and hopefully let them know we are not crazy.

Anyway, it is an exciting time, but for some reason my all is not in it. It could be because I have a lot on my plate this week, or who knows what else. All that being said, I am looking forward to the Lord stretching me, I am going to play basketball with teens, hang out with college students, shake hands with parents, and play silly games with the kids. Hey, just cause I am bad at this kind of stuff doesn't mean I can't get better. Here it goes! Hey why don't you put yourself into something that is not your forte! Maybe God will stretch us together!

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