Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures from our first day of working

I hope you enjoy some quick pictures. Things are going well, all of the students are working well, and seem to be having a good time while doing it. The pastor of the church here in Battle Creek has been very impressed with our work, so much so that he had us change some of our afternoon plans for fear of running out of work. Thanks for your support and prayers


Anonymous said...

I see lots of girls wielding shovels...few boys. What's up with that? I can only assume the guys were behind the picture taker carrying loads of broken concrete or something really macho! Am I right?

Miss you all. Praying for you almost hourly! Love to all of you for doing this.

I'm not goofing off in your absence. I've been working diligently too.

Pastor Tom.

Patrick V. McDaniel said...

That is part of the truth, another part is that there are a lot more girls than guys, and the last part has to do with the person who picked out the pictures for the blog, sorry guys. My bad.

Thanks for your prayers.