Friday, May 8, 2009

Just One Strike??

I just finished watching one of my favorite tv shows tonight and it got me thinking... In the show there was a former FBI agent who had been forced into retirement after 30 years of exemplary service because of a bad decision. This former FBI agent wanted to be involved in a case that he felt he could help with. He did not want his lone mistake in his FBI career to be the only thing people remembered him for, nor did he want to sit on the sidelines just because of one mistake. Many of the FBI agents gave him the cold shoulder or even suspected him of wrong doing, but there was one agent that extended grace and say the best not the worst in this former agent.

As I sat there watching this, I thought of all the pastors that are treated this way after one mistake. As Christians we have a bad case of selective memory. We (and I include myself) can forget everything good a pastor has done as soon as there is something negative that comes in his life. And even if the pastor is able to get his life back together it seems that we only remember his mistake. My question is this: Should we only be giving one strike?

Maybe some would say "yes, we should only give one strike to pastors."

But let me ask the question differently: Do you only want one strike?

How should grace effect our reaction to these situations?

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